Recently, it’s been brought to light that one of Instagram’s most popular feminist pages, @feminist, with a following of 6.5 million, was run by two cis men — which begs the question, is this allyship or ownership?

While yes, men can be feminists too, feminist allyship falls silent when the true identities of those running the account are a secret to the public. We discuss why this is problematic in our podcast episode entitled, “why the @feminist instagram account was problematic.

When you search social media for feminist content and find an Instagram account with millions of followers and posts…

Labels in sexuality make people feel empowered and part of a community that can provide safety and acceptance. But what happens when labels start to become problematic and put you into a box that ends up being restricting?

If you’d prefer to listen to us explore this concept, we did a whole podcast episode titled, the problem with labels which compliments this article. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Fluid, there are many labels to describe sexuality in the LGBTQ+ community.

We understand the ways in which labels are great. Labeling yourself as part of a community gives you an immediate…

We’ve talked a lot about self-awareness in our podcast and explored the concept of how our own behavioral traits can affect our relationships.

Not everyone is perfect, we know that. There are always aspects of yourself that you can improve on, whether it be in your relationship, your friendships, or your work environment. So it’s inevitable that your own behavioral traits may conflict with your surroundings from time to time, especially if they are toxic traits.

However, when it comes to unhealthy traits of your own, not everyone realizes how to recognize them nor how to correct them. This is…

Coming out is an evolving process for LGBTQ+ people. However, in our society, there is this notion that we’re meant to have so much of our life figured out at such a young age, and that applies to sexuality too.

Here at she. we believe that there is no coming out age. People come out when they’re ready to come out. Being open about your sexuality isn’t limited to age and no one’s coming out trajectory is the same.

So what is it like when you come out later in life and what are some of the obstacles that you…

Equality in a relationship is more than just the division of responsibilities. It can manifest in emotional, physical, and even sexual communication between two people.

Inequality can exist in a relationship but disguise itself as mundane relationship disputes. Many couples experience inequalities in their relationship but don’t recognize them as actual injustices.

If you prefer to listen to this topic, we have an entire podcast episode titled, signs of inequality in a relationship.

The importance of equality in a relationship refers to both parties feeling heard, respected, and knowing that they have a voice.

Even if you’re currently single, you…

Society puts so much pressure on people to get married especially by a certain age, but why is there so much importance placed on marriage?

Here at she. we like to question a lot of society and culture’s teachings and influences, and one of those traditional teachings is the goal to get married.

We’re going to outline some issues we found within this tradition and why we as a society should step away from the expectation that everyone will and should tie the knot.

If you’d prefer to listen to this discussion, we have an entire podcast episode titled, marriage…

What are the 5 love languages and what is the importance of understanding how a person expresses love?

In relationships, people tend to express love to a partner in the way they would personally most like to receive it.

It’s common in a relationship for people not to know how the other person wants to be loved. However, do you know how you want to be loved?

This is where the 5 love languages quiz can come in handy. …

Can you have a healthy relationship with a partner or friend without both parties having the same emotional maturity? How much does the success of a relationship depend on being emotionally mature?

In this article, you may find us mentioning emotional intelligence when discussing emotional maturity. Both factors are basically two sides of the same emotional coin.

In comparison, emotional intelligence refers to the understanding of emotions, while emotional maturity is the act of applying that knowledge.

Emotionally intelligent people understand how to handle tough situations without unnecessarily escalating them. …

Disney princess movies have been an entertainment staple in our lives for decades. With running themes like women needing to be rescued by a handsome man, ugly older women as the enemy, animals for friends, a dead mother, and a father in a hierarchy position. There’s definitely been some copy and pasting of the same elements in these films.

From Moana to Snow White, we’re going to conduct an investigation on these films and explore what exactly the message is for women and young girls watching these movies.

If you’d prefer to listen to this topic instead, we have an…

The LGBTQ+ community doesn’t get enough credit for all the positive examples, values, and activism that our community exemplifies.

Instead, the LGBTQ+ community is often underrepresented in mainstream culture and seen as a subculture.

We’ve talked a lot about sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community in our podcast, shifting her experience. We even have an entire podcast episode dedicated to the topic of what society can learn from the LGBTQ+ community.

Frankly, there are so many aspects of the LGBTQ+ community that society as a whole can learn from. …

shifting her experience (she.)

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